Scientific sessions

The scientific sessions of the Symposium will encompass a broad variety of topics linked to the Cretaceous, including – but not limited to - the history of the Cretaceous System, life, palaeontology, palaeobiogeography, paleoenvironments, stratigraphy, geophysics and geodynamics, regional geology, and mineral resources. The following list is a preliminary compilation of potential sessions: this does not necessarily correspond to the final program [sessions will be added and modified according to the interests of the attendees]. Session and workshop proposals from conference attendees, scientific commissions, organisations, and industry partners will be carefully considered to form an attractive, scientifically rich, and fruitful event. We encourage you to contact us regarding potential topical sessions and workshops.


200th Anniversary of the Cretaceous System


Cretaceous Geoparks and World Heritage


Global Boundary Stratotype Sections and Points (GSSPs) of the Cretaceous System

Cretaceous Geochemistry: open session


Cretaceous Chemostratigraphy


Cretaceous Geochronology and Timescales


Cretaceous Astrochronology and Cyclostratigraphy

Cretaceous Palaeontology: open session


Cephalopod palaeobiology and stratigraphy


Lower Cretaceous ammonites (Kilian Group meeting)


Cretaceous vertebrates


Cretaceous micropaleontology


Cretaceous palynology


Palaeobotany and terrestrial palaeoenvironments



Cretaceous trace fossils

Cretaceous geophysics and tectonics: open session


Geodynamics of Cretaceous sedimentary basins


Cretaceous palaeoenvironment, paleoclimate, and paleooceanography

Cretaceous regional geology: open session


Cretaceous mineral and petroleum deposits