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Abstract Submissions

Abstract Timetable

Abstract submission portal opens:  1 st March 2022

Abstract submission deadline is: 15th of May

Notification of acceptance will be sent out before: 30th May 2022

Abstract Guidelines


The abstracts will be published in a separate Symposium Abstract Volume, which will be available online (on the Symposium website) and provided to participants on USB drives.


The abstract, including title, authors, authors’ affiliations, text,
and references, must not exceed 500 words.

No figures, tables, or graphs are permitted.


For in-text citation: no comma after authors’ names;
use ‘and’ in two-author and ‘et al.’ in multi-author references. 

Formatting is limited to italics (taxonomic genera and species,
or for emphasis), superscripts or subscripts, and common special characters (e.g., isotope nomenclature such as δ  O or δ  C).

By abstract submission, please indicate your preferred form of presentation (talk or poster), and in case of talks, your preferred session [in left-upper corner; e.g., ‘talk_S12’ or ‘poster’].

The organizers reserve the right to changes.


Reference Format



Trammer, J. 1989. Middle to Upper Oxfordian sponges of the Polish Jura.
Acta Geologica Polonica, 39, 49–91. 



Wilson, J.L. 1975. Carbonate facies in geologic history, 471 p. Springer; Berlin – Heidelberg. 


Book chapters: 

Mallet, J. 1996. The genetics of biological diversity: from varieties to species. In: Gaston, K.J. (Ed.), Biodiversity. A biology of numbers and difference, pp. 13–47. Blackwell Science; Oxford. 


Hancock, J.M. 1993. Transatlantic correlation in the Campanian– Maastrichtian Stages by eustatic changes of sea-level. In: Hailwood,
E.A. and Kidd, R.B. (Eds), High resolution stratigraphy.
Geological Society Special Publication, 70, 241–256. 


Symposium volumes:

Odin, G.S. 1984. Geochronology of the Jurassic time: status in 1984. In: Michelsen, O. and Zeiss, O. (Eds), International Symposium on Jurassic Stratigraphy, pp. 767–776. Copenhagen. 

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