This field trip will lead participants to the enormous Folwark quarry in Opole, where almost the entire so-called "Opole Cretaceous" is well-exposed. These strata – largely marls and chalks – are characterized by a rich, diverse paleontological and ichnological record: there are numerous representatives of ammonites, inoceramid and other bivalves, echinoids, sponges and other invertebrate groups, to a lesser extent, vertebrates (fish, sharks, and reptiles). The biostratigraphical scheme relies on calcareous nannoplankton, inoceramids, and ammonites.

Led by Elena Yazykova, Mariusz Kędzierski, and Jordan Todes.


pre-Conference excursion (2 days):

Turonian-Coniacian of the Opole Cretaceous.