This trip will focus on the facies and sedimentary development of the Cenomanian‒Santonian shallow marine to terrestrial deposits of the North Sudetic Synclinorium (some 400 km southwest of Warsaw), which record a sedimentary basin (the North Sudetic Basin) that formed in the mid-Cretaceous at the northern margin of the Bohemian Massif. The North Sudetic Basin constituted a southeastern extension of the East Brandenburg Basin and was, at least temporarily, connected by a (supposed) strait with the adjacent Intra-Sudetic Basin and – further to the south – the Bohemian Basin: accordingly, it linked the Tethyan and Boreal realms. Depositional processes, systems, and environments, and the factors controlling sedimentation in this basin, will be discussed. The economic importance of the deposits – as building stones, glass sandstones, and ceramic clays – will also be examined.


Led by: Stanisław Leszczyński, Alina Chrząstek, Wojciech Nemec and Jurand Wojewoda.


post-Conference excursion (2 days):

The Cretaceous of the North Sudetic Synclinorium (southwestern Poland)